Intimate session with Charlee (NSFW)

Charlee is a huge Star Wars fan as you can see from her Stormtrooper helmet tattoo on her right arm. She is also a big Harry Potter follower and her pets’ name is proof of that. She does cosplay as well from time to time. She was slightly afraid that her place would look chaotic in pictures, but I assured her that it would be minimized in the end.

Charlee portrait

Charlee being fierce

Charlee close-up

Charlee's tattoos

Being intimate with Charlee

Montreal intimate session with Charlee undressed by the window

Charlee with a blanket

Montreal intimate session with Charlee by the window

Charlee on the couch

Topless Charlee and her Star Wars tattoo

Beautiful Charlee on the bed

Montreal intimate session with Charlee and her beautiful curves

Montreal intimate session with sensual Charlee on the bed

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